Why Curbside Appeal Matters

They say never judge a book by its cover, and a house by its curb appeal. Well, not quite. But people do start judging your property the moment they start pulling up into the driveway. That makes it important for your property make a lasting impression on a potential buyer or just their neighborhood.

Here’s all you need to know about this aspect of your house and why it matters.

What is Curbside Appeal?

Curbside appeal, or curb appeal for short, is how attractive your property looks when viewed from the street. Put simply, it is how appealing your house looks to someone pulling up to the curb. Get it?

It is one of the many ways you can appeal to potential homebuyers and sell your house fast. Homes with good curbside appeal will attract more buyers and investors. A well-maintained yard, vibrant paint job, intact roof, done edges, are all indicators of good curbside appeal.

Why Does Curbside Appeal Matter?

Proper curbside appeal can become a resourceful marketing tool. First impressions matter. They set expectations and influence the rest of the dealing process between the buyer and seller. If prospective buyers like what they see at first glance, they are more likely to take a look inside and buy your house.

The following are ways curbside appeal affects your selling prospects:

Property Value

The resale value of your place is always the top consideration whether you want to bring up your property’s value or sell it off at its current value. The value of your property will directly affect its market worth. Hence, curbside appeal will definitely factor into your property’s listing price.

Houses are normally appraised based on their interior condition; which makes it difficult for financial institutions to assess curbside appeal’s exact value addition. However, on average, properties with well-kept lawns and landscaping sell for more than similar homes with poor curb appeal.

Homes with neglected lawns and run down exteriors drive away buyers. And even if you do manage to show them the inside, the offer you receive is going to be less than satisfactory. So, what you need is to ensure your house stands out from all the others in the neighborhood. You want to leave them wanting this house for themselves from the outside in.

How You Can Benefit From Curbside Appeal

Every part of your house tells a story. You can control the narrative through your house’s curb appeal. Investing more time and money on landscaping makes a huge difference. It is an easy way to improve curb appeal without extensive remodeling.

The driveway is where people first access your property. A clean and maintained driveway speaks volumes about how high- or low-maintenance the property is. Make sure all leaves have been raked away and weeds taken care of. Power wash your exterior if necessary to show prospective buyers how well it will hold up for years to come.

Have a professional look at your roof, porch, and the rest of the property. They will recommend what fixes and maintenance you require. And if you can’t wait to make all these changes and get straight to business, contact us for a cash offer today! At Integrity Residential Solutions LLC we don’t care for maintenance, we’re interested in selling your house fast.

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